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Convert from PowerPoint PPTX to Keynote KEY File

Below we are going to list steps on how to open PowerPoint presentation in Apple Keynote and what additional steps may be necessary to make the presentation functional.

1) Open a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote Apple Keynote supports opening and automatically converting Microsoft PowerPoint files to its internal format. To open PPT or PPTX file in Apple Keynote you just need to launch Apple Keynote then select Open in the File menu and choose PPT or PPTX file you want to open and convert. After that, you will see the presentation in Keynote. You might see some warnings about items that did not correctly converted to Keynote format.

Typically, the integrated audio, images and video usually convert without problems. Unless files embedded in the presentation have very unusual or specific file formats, the conversion takes care of maybe 90% of the work. After the conversion is complete, save an updated version of the file as a KEY file.

Keynote will automatically take care of most of the work in the conversion step. However, you will most likely need to make other adjustments to make all elements inside the presentation work correctly.

2) Review the warnings.

You will be able to notice the 'different look' warnings that can occur during the conversion.

3) Replace the fonts.

If there is something that tends to differ between Mac and Windows operating systems, it is the fonts, even if they have the same name. Although it is not an exclusive matter of the PowerPoint - Keynote conversion, in general, you will have this warning as well, since presentation look depends on the fonts installed on your Mac OS computer.

To replace a font, click on the Replace Fonts button. You will get the chance to select replacements from the drop-down menu.

4) Check Charts and Graphs

If there are graphics in your PowerPoint presentation, you should consider that PowerPoint uses an advanced link to Microsoft Excel, which makes this type of conversion not so smooth, because Keynote does not do a one-to-one translation.

5) General settings

Some objects need to be repositioned, aligned, or resized. It almost never happens that converted .key presentations will look the same as the original PowerPoint format.

Therefore, you should review each slide before presenting it to an audience.