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SDP File

The SDP file extension is used in various formats ranging from files for streaming media to office presentations. In this article we are going to mention two of them.

StarOffice Presentation File

The SDP file extension is used by presentation files created by StarOffice, the predecessor of the Apache OpenOffice office suite. SDP file can store series of slides, often including a title or master slide and content slides.

It is important to note that the SDP files have been replaced by the ODP file format in Apache OpenOffice and other open-source variants of the office suite. However, Apache OpenOffice can still load SDP files.

SDP files are compressed files with a series of XML files and subfolders containing multimedia and transition effects.

Presentations with SDP extension can be converted to either ODP or PowerPoint PPT/PPTX format, using the office suite, or online converters.

The programs that can open SDP extension presentations are:

Session Description Protocol

The alternative use for files with SDP extension is the Session Description Protocol, which is an informational file created with streaming media software. It contains the format, time and authorship of the transmitted media. It can be created for both live streaming and pre-recorded media.

For the SDP information to be transmitted with the media in question, the SDP file must be stored in the same designated media directory on the streaming server.

The cross-platform program that currently opens these types of files is RealNetworks Real Player Cloud, which, as mentioned before, works on any platform. Also the VLC media player registers this extension and is able to open these files.

A session described by an SDP file has a series of attributes, each on one line. The names of these attributes are given by a character followed by '=' and the respective value. The SDP syntax is extensible and new attributes can be added to the specification at any time.