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Use KEY Files in PowerPoint

Apple Keynote KEY files are the most common presentation format among Apple Mac users, however, sometimes it is necessary to open Keynote in Microsoft PowerPoint, either in Windows, or in the Apple OS itself. PowerPoint is available on both Windows and Mac with PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Keynote is only available on OS X, and there is no active version of Keynote for Windows. However, there is the possibility to export important Keynote files for Microsoft PowerPoint compatible presentations. However, some Keynote features will not be 100% exported, such as transitions and animations, so it is recommended that this procedure be done only for simple presentations.

PowerPoint cannot open Keynote on its own, but there are other online tools that will allow you to turn Keynote into a PowerPoint presentation. Besides PowerPoint format KEY files can also be converted into other formats such as HTML, Tif, Png, PDF, Mov, etc.

Export from Keynote

To convert a Keynote presentation into another format you can use the same Apple Keynote application which was used to create the presentation. It is important to note that changes made to the exported presentation will not affect the original version.

To save a copy of a Keynote presentation in another format follow these steps:

  • Open your presentation and select File>Export To> [file format] (the File menu is at the top of the screen).
  • If the file needs to be compatible with an earlier version of Microsoft PowerPoint (1997-2003), click "Advanced Options" and then select .ppt from the drop-down menu.

iCloud Conversion

You can also convert Apple Keynote presentation to PowerPoint format using Apple iCloud. To do this login to using any compatible browser and device. Click on “Keynote” icon and when Keynote web app will open click “Browse” in the left sidebar. You should see your Keynote presentations already uploaded to iCloud. If your presentation is not there upload it to the iCloud. To download a local PowerPoint file to your computer, click on the right mouse button on a Keynote presentation you want to download and select “Download a copy”. In the dialog select “PowerPoint” as a file format and download will start automatically.