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Transfer KEY Presentations between iOS and Mac OS

Presentations made in the Apple Keynote software could be easily opened both on iOS and Mac OS platform. You don’t need to change the format of the file for transfer to work. All that is needed is to copy a file with Keynote presentation from one platform to another. Typically, Apple Keynote files use KEY file extension.

To open a Mac OS originated Keynote presentation on an iPhone or iPad, it needs to be transferred to Keynote for iOS. Same applies to opening iOS originated Keynote presentation on the Mac OS. Transferring KEY files from one device to another could be as easy as just copying and pasting from one place to another and there are multiple ways to do it.

On Mac OS

Open the KEY file you want to transfer. Once opened, select the "File->Save" menu option. Choose “iCloud Library->Keynote iCloud” in the “Where” field of the save dialog. Click “Save” to proceed with saving. KEY file will be uploaded to iCloud and will be available on any authenticated iOS device with iCloud connection.

On iOS

Every presentation created on iOS is stored either in the local device storage or automatically uploaded to iCloud. You can check if iCloud is connected to your iOS device by going to Settings->iCloud. If your device is connected to iCloud, then all your Keynote presentations will be automatically saved to the corresponding iCloud Keynote folder. In order to open them on Mac OS you will just need to browse to the corresponding folder in the Files app or just open Keynote app.

On Web Browser

You can access Keynote presentations from any compatible device by navigating to and authenticating with your Apple ID. After that you should click on “Keynote” icon and when Keynote web app will open click “Browse” in the left sidebar. You should see Keynote presentations already uploaded to iCloud. If you want to download a local KEY file to your computer click on the right mouse button on a Keynote presentation you want to download and select “Download a copy”. In the dialog select “Keynote” as a file format and download will start automatically.

Instead of downloading KEY file locally you can just double click on the presentation and the online Keynote editor will open in the new web browser window.