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KEY File Formats

The KEY file extension is used for the output files of the Keynote Presentation software developed by Apple for creating and playing presentations. The presentation is stored in the native Mac OS X office suite format. These files contain all the data necessary to play the presentation, including presentation slides, images, transition information, and accompanying text to the presentation. Information and XML data used for presentation are stored in KEY files. This software was first released in 2003 and competes with the PowerPoint program developed by Microsoft.

You should know that presentation files with the KEY extension can only be launched by Apple Keynote on compatible devices. The KEY files are binary, and it is not possible to edit them in text editor.

One of the preferred methods to open Apple Keynote KEY file in Windows operating system is to convert it to a format recognized by that operating system. Typically PPT or PPTX formats are used.

There are several other applications which use KEY file extension including:

  • Mireth Technology Music Man
  • Paragon AIMMS
  • DivX Descriptor 2

KEY files must be associated with a suitable application to be opened in Windows OS, therefore it is necessary to be especially careful not to modify said extension to try to open them with other types of applications.

Other KEY file formats

A file with the KEY file extension can also be a plain text or an encrypted generic license key file that is used to register a software program. Different applications use different KEY files to register their respective software and prove that the user is the legal purchaser.

Another utility that is often given to the KEY file extension is for storing software registration information. It is most likely created by the program when product key is entered and could be transferable to other computers if the user needs to reinstall the software elsewhere.