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The PPTX file extension is an evolution of the PPT format and has since become the standard for Microsoft Office 2007's PowerPoint program. Like their PPT predecessors, PPTX files represent slide presentations that in turn store images, text, animations, audio, video, effects, graphics, diagrams and other elements. The difference between PPT and PPTX is that the PPT format consisted of a binary base, while the PPTX format uses Open XML and ZIP compression. In other words, the PPTX format is nothing more than a compressed file where structured text and multimedia elements are stored.

Technology behind PPTX files

PPTX files use the ECMA-376 standard for Office Open XML. This means that any program that supports ECMA-376 XML can use information in PPTX files. PPTX files are created by compressing the directory. The advantage of the PPTX format over the PPT is its ease of use, as well as its retrieval and management of archive data. One detail that should be noted is that PPTX files are not fully encoded in XML code, in other words they have some binary sections. A high percentage of presentation software currently on the market is based on PowerPoint format, which means that said program (and consequently PPTX extension) have become a mandatory standard. The PPTX and PPT presentations allow you to incorporate numerous effects, animations, and presentation techniques within the program.

Organizing a PPTX file

If you try to open a PPTX file as a compressed file, with a decompression program, you will find the following folder structure.

As we already noticed PPTX file is a series of files and directories that represent the structure of the presentation, including all the multimedia files.

Open a PPTX file

To open a PPTX file you must have at least one office software for presentations. Below is a list of programs that are capable of opening and working with the PPTX extension.