Open KEY File

Information, tips and instructions

What is KEY File

The files with the .KEY extension refer mainly to the files produced by Apple Keynote which is a software to create computer presentations on Mac OS. The concepts of the Apple Keynote are quite similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Apple Keynote is a very famous software like Microsoft PowerPoint and is very useful to create all kinds of presentations. It was launched on the market in 2003, and from that moment it became the main competition of the program created by Microsoft. Although there are incompatibilities between one and the other, mainly because both programs are unable to read the other format directly, there is always a way to make conversions.

KEY type of file contains all the information sufficient to reproduce a presentation, including images, sounds, texts, videos, all this in XML format. In other words, the .KEY format is a container format for various data types including multimedia.

As mentioned above, .KEY files were only designed to be interpreted by Apple Keynote software operating on Mac-based operating systems, but this is not an impediment to view a presentation with this file extension on another operating system.

Open KEY File on Windows

One of the simplest methods is to convert the .KEY files to .PPT (Power Point) using the Mac OS computer.

To do this you must follow the steps below:

  • Open the file in Apple Keynote.
  • Go to the tab that says "File" and click the "Export to" option.
  • In the list select the "Power Point" option.
  • Click “Export” button to proceed with conversion.

Convert KEY File Online

The second option is to use a web tool. Navigate to and click “Add files” button to upload the KEY file(s). Click on the “Convert Now” button to proceed with conversion. Download the resulting file(s).

Open KEY File on Mac

Opening KEY file on Mac OS is very straightforward, since as mentioned at the beginning, this is the parent operating system of the KEY format. If Apple Keynote is installed on your Mac OS device, you will just need to double click on the KEY file you want to open. If it is not yet installed, then go to the App Store and download it from there. Once it is downloaded and installed double click on the KEY file to open it.