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PPT File

The files with the PPT extension are binary and were created by Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2007. Presentations created with PowerPoint can include images, text, audio, video, graphics, diagrams, hyperlinks, and animations, making them suitable for all types of use. Most of the people who are familiar with the office package, par excellence, know PPT files and know how to create, save, send and open them. Microsoft Office Suite launched PowerPoint in 1990, original, initially, for Apple Mac. Critics and experts, even today, question its functionality and efficiency, but most of these criticisms are related to the users and not to the program itself. Many users are unaware of the correct way to take advantage of the functionalities of the PPT format, so presentations may look poor and boring.

Some technical aspects of PPT files

PPT files contain multiple slides or pages with various types of information and inputs, including multimedia and transitive effects. The elements of each sheet can be edited and moved freely. Using PowerPoint, PPT documents can be printed, viewed and reviewed, formats can be exchanged, as well as navigated through them on a computer, using a projector connected to that computer, or online. When Microsoft Office 2007 was created, the PPT extension was replaced by PPTX, thus changing the binary-based format to the Office Open XML format, becoming the default open standard.

Open a PPT file

To open a PPT file you must have at least one office software for presentations. Below is a list of programs that are capable of opening and working with the PPT extension.


PPT files are binary and partially compressed, therefore, unlike PPTX files, they cannot be opened with any software other than the office software described above, and they cannot be decompressed either.